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President’s Notes: September 2021

The monthly meetings will again be held the first Saturday of each month in the Westenfield Room at 10:00 am. The public Open house will occur the first Sunday of each month and is open from 2-5 pm with the last tour beginning at 4:00 pm


The Society will gladly publish stories of the accomplishments of current or former residents of Niles. Contact: Anna Marie Beagle 330.719.5716 or

Update on the Ward-Thomas property:

The Westenfield Room, the old carriage house, which serves as a meeting space has been renovated and is now open again. The improvements include: proper insulation, painting, flooring and temperature – humidity control.

Also discussed at the September 2021 meeting was performing necessary repairs to the greenhouse. Caulking of the windows is a continuing issue. Companies that perform this service will be sought for bids on the project.

The barn roof is leaking. Mayor Steven Mientkiewcz is investigating ways to repair the roof. The Society thanks Mayor Mientkiewcz for his cooperation. By lease contract the Society is responsible for maintaining the inside of the structures and the flower beds. The City of Niles which owns the property is responsible for maintaining the physical structures, trees and grounds.

Advisory Committee sought:
It is necessary to form a committee to determine the direction to take with the monies in the New Building Fund account that was begun in 2011. The Society requires an improved space for education, research and storage of the collection. At this time there is not adequate space or temperature and humidity control to accept any more physical donations.

There is a proposed rendition for a facility that would be expensive to build and maintain. The amount of money in this fund is not adequate to cover the expense of this lofty plan. The Board of the Society seeks input from members on how to best use the building fund monies to provide an improved space.

I implore members to weigh in on this discussion. Average attendance at meetings is approximately ten members who should not be making this enormous decision for an organization with over three hundred members.

Please contact Anna Marie Beagle at 330-719-5716 or for further discussion.

Thank you, Anna Marie Beagle, President.

Calendar of Events

Business Meeting:
Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 10:00 AM
Ward-Thomas House.

Open House:
Sunday, October 3, 2021
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM.
Last tour starts at 4:00 PM.

Celebrating 159 Years

That is correct! I was born in 1862, during the Civil War days. James Ward built me on this little knoll and here I have been ever since in the town of Niles, Ohio.

Mr. James Ward was an industrial leader in Niles and came here in 1841 when only 300 people lived here. He founded the Ward Iron Manufacturing Company and he and his family lived in a house on Main Street (where the "Farmers Bank" now stands).

Mr. Ward built me on the property on the south side of the Mahoning River at 503 Brown Street. He used square nails, which were manufactured in his factory to hold my boards together that were cut from trees on the property. The double front doors were designed with windows which could be opened to allow the north breeze to blow in and race up the staircase in the main hall to cool the upper rooms in the summer. Mrs. Ward's brother designed the frosted glass panels in the door. He was a glass maker in Pittsburgh.

Look up at my decorative designs on the porch and the cornices under the roof as you pass by. You will not see any buildings like that today. Inside, the decorative plaster mouldings in the ceiling are exquisite designs from a hand carved wooden form. My walnut staircase in the main hall is a thing of beauty also.

I have remained the way I was built with little change since 1862. Well, they had to change a few things, such as the windows that were low to the floor. They had to be raised for the placement of radiators when they changed to hot water heat. Before then they heated me with fireplaces in most every room. Of course changes were made when they installed running water and electric wiring into my walls too. There was a large 2 story "outdoor kitchen” building at the back of my house that was removed in 1925. The ladies would cook in there to prevent the open fires from burning down the main house. It was a nice building to dry the clothes in the winter, too.

John R. Thomas
, founded the Niles Firebrick Company in 1871. He and his wife, Margaret purchased my property in 1887. Members of their family lived here till 1969, caring for me throughout the years. I've had many people pass through my doors to enjoy the hospitality of all the families that have lived here, even Presidents of the United States have visited here.

I have seen a lot of things happen in the town of Niles, Ohio. Yes, I've seen floods and tornadoes pass right by me, and here I have stood for 150 years. In 1907 there was a flood and again in 1913 another flood came close to my door. A tornado went through in 1947 and another one in 1985. There has been a lot changes in Niles through the years, and the people who take care of me now are preserving that colorful story. They are the Niles Historical Society volunteers and they renamed me "Ward-Thomas Museum".

Come visit me at 503 Brown Street in Niles, Ohio 44446 .

There will be people wandering all through my 14 rooms which are filled with displays. It will take you about 1 1/2 hours to tour the museum. I am always open on the first Sunday of every month. Donation $5.00 for adults with children under 12 free if accompanied by an adult.

See you on Sunday, at the public "Open House" 2-5 pm.

You may E-Mail Us or call 330-544-2143 for more information
Or schedule a private tour.

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1924 Green House


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