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Newly Added Stories and Photographs Are Listed Below:

Robins Theatre

Niles Alma Mater History

Robert Wilson Memories of 1955 Christmas

Movie theatres in Niles

Niles Movie Theatres

McKinley Federal Savings Bank

Waddell Park Plans-1930

Doubet Jewelry Syore

Doubet Jewelry Store

Macali Story

Macali Story

Niles Car Barn Location

Niles Car Barn Location

Fleck Pontiac Building

Fleck Pontiac Building

Burnside Heating Company

Burnside Heating Company

Niles Drugstores

Niles Drugstores


More photos are coming soon!
Previously Posted Stories Are Listed Below:

History and Major Events

Urban Renewal

Hoffman Fire, March 1962

Red Dragon Story


Niles City Schools

History of Schools in Niles

Origin of Niles Schools

Central School Bell History

Wm. McKinley Statue

Niles Alam Mater History

Mosquito Creek Beach

Script Niles

Old Central High School

Niles High School 1914-1957

Niles High School 1914-1957

Jackson Elementary School

Jackson Elementary School

Bert Street School

Bert Street (Monroe) School

Roosevelt School/ High School Annex

Harrison Elementary School

Old administration building

School Administration Buildings

Phil Ragazzo

Phil Ragazzo, Professional Player

Joe Bassett and coaches

Joe Bassett 1954 Undefeated Teams


Niles Churches

Mt. Carmel Church

St. Stephen Church and School

First Presbyterian Church

First Christian Church

First Christian Church

First Methodist Church

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

Trinity Lutheran Church

South Side presbyterian Church

South Side Presbyterian Church

Niles Maps, Buildings, Bridges and Parks.

Aerial Maps of Downtown Niles

Early Street Maps of Niles Ohio

Early Street Maps of Niles

Map of Early Niles Landowners

Waddell Park

Waddell Park

Central Park

Waddell Pool

Niles Community Park

Riverside Park 1890s

Union Cemetery

Civil War Monument

Early Niles Library

Masonic Temple

Bridges in Niles Ohio



PRR Train Station

Train Stations and the Railroads

Niles Post Office

1916 photograph of Niles Fire engine and firemen.

Niles Fire Department

Niles Police Department

Movie theatres in Niles

Niles Movie Theatres

McKinley Heights Museum

McKinley Memorial Construction

Niles Homes

Robbins Home

Josiah Robbins Home

H.H. Mason Residence

Stein Home

Blachley House

John Key Wilson Residence

Ebinezer Rowley Home

Clingan-Waddell Mansion

John Battles

John Battles Home

Julius Cowdery Home

Frech Home

John C. Frech Home

Hiram Ohl Residence

Hiram Ohl Residence

Sisco Farm

Vincenzio Mango Residence

Tale of Two Homes

Crandon House

219 West Park Avenue Dr. Leitch residence

Dr. Andrew Leitch Residence

Postwar Homes

219 North Bentley Avenue

124 Robbins Avenue

124 Robbins Avenue

1940s House Interior


Niles Businesses.

1882 Niles Downtown

South Main Street, 1905

Hotels and Inns of Niles

Early General Stores

Holeton-Yuhasz Funeral Home

Early Railroads

Heaton Grist Mill

Trolley Shelter


Roller rinks in Niles

Old Roller Rinks in Niles

Niles Old Home Week

Car Dealerships

Best Auto Sales

Weddell Sohio Service Station

Haydu Service Station

Niles Bank Building

McKinley Federal Savings Bank

Niles Downtown Diner

Eastwood Mall

Handy Andy Restaurant in McKinley Heights

Handy Andy Restaurant

Ma Perkins Inn

Ma Perkins Inn

Oasis Lounge

Oasis Lounge

Olde Main Chowder House

Belvedere Club

McKinley Restaurant

Two Niles Isalys

Hoffman's Store

Robins Furniture Store

Robins Furniture Store

Rice Electric Company

Mango Building/Shaker Store

Niles Daily Times Building

Fostoria Hotel

Riders Grocery Store

Melillo's Barber Shop

Morabito's Market

Valsi Cleaners

Blott Farm Market

Roberts Grocery Store

Pete's Dairy 715 Pearl Street

1918 Niles Hospital

Robins Theatre

Tony's Pizza

David Birskovich Niles Drawings

Doubet Jewelry Syore

Doubet Jewelry Store

Macali Story

Macali Story

Burnside Heating Company

Burnside Heating Company

Fleck Pontiac Building

Fleck Pontiac Building

Niles Drugstores


Niles Industry

12 Important Industries 1900-1920

Stevens Metal Products

Niles Car & Manufacturing Company

Ohio Edison Power Plant

Fostoria Glass and General Electric

Origins of Republic Steel Company

Origins of Republic Steel Company

Where is Russia Field in Niles?

China Companies in Niles

1937 Steel Strike in Niles

Niles Car Barn Location

Niles Car Barn Location


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